The Central Library and Information resource Center of MES IMCC, Pune was established in the year 1983. The period from 1996 and onwards can be considered as the metamorphosis period for the IMCC Library where the library is shifted from a traditional library located in few sq.ft. to modern hybrid library with a modern infrastructure providing daily 12 hours a sound library service.

The library is continuously upgraded by continuously acquiring the books, journals, e-resources, CD's, project reports as well as thesis. The Library is having a very rich collection of documents pertaining to Computer and Management, as well as it provides accessibility to the e-resources (2141) through the subscription of (ASPP) IEEE database, the N-List Database promoted by (INFLIBNET) and the Digital Intuitional Repository (IR) collection. The institute also has the DELNET membership for the library networking at the national level.

  • Library is in the transition phase of automation from SLIM 21 (Version:3.4.0 ) to koha for providing effective accessibility on the web to varied user segments
  • Total Implementation of library software modules
  • Use of Bar Code Technology.
  • Library Web-OPAC with advanced search facility
  • Automation of Library budget operations and stock check activity
  • Computerization of Circulation section including
    • Auto transaction of library documents for the effective delivery of the documents as a time saving device
    • Computerised user record and barcoding
    • Generation of In-house Identity cards and the Borrowers Tickets by using the hi-tech printers ((Zebra ZXP Sries3, Canon IP 3680, and HP Laser Jet printers) and Lamination machine
    • Daily user record
  • On-line SDI services
  • Status Report of the library documents
  • Digital Institutional Repository development using D-space Library open source software
  • Access to project reports on the institutional campus wide network through the Digital Institutional Repository